While the costs of living in Bern are not as high as in Geneva or Zurich, we are aware that athletes might have a hard time finding affordable accommodation during EuroGames Bern 2023. On this page we have collected some alternatives, which are easier on your wallet without compromising on your Switzerland experience.


TCS Camping Bern – Eymatt

Near the city, yet still surrounded by nature: the TCS campground in Bern-Eymatt. Situated in a loop of the Aare between Lake Wohlen and the edge of the forest, it’s the perfect recreation spot.

The bus connection to the city of Bern stops right in front of the campsite and brings campers to the center of town in just a few minutes. Its location makes the campground in Eymatt the perfect hub for all kinds of sport-related excursions.

Reservations for July 2023 are available from September 2022. For questions and booking inquiries please contact TCS Camping Bern Eymatt directly.

Eichholz Camping

The Eichholz camping site on the outskirts of Bern is right on the Aare: campers stepping out of their tents are just a few steps away from the river. Eichholz Camping also has a few rooms available.

The route to Bern’s Old Town is also not far, and you can reach the UNESCO World Heritage Site by tram in just a few minutes. This is free of charge, as guests of the Eichholz camping site receive a Bern Ticket.

Reservations for July 2023 are available from September 2022. For questions and booking inquiries please contact Camping Eichholz directly.

Swiss Civil Bunker

In case of a catastrophic event, the City of Bern can accommodate displaced persons in civil bunkers underground. These bunkers are available to rent whenever they are not needed and have been used by sports events in the past. We have reserved the entire civil bunker «ZSA Mingerstrasse» just a few minutes walk from Sports Hub Wankdorf. Staying at this bunker will be a great experience for teams travelling together to EuroGames Bern 2023! 

Beds in the Swiss Civil Bunker are available immediately for CHF 49 per night and can be booked via our Swiss Civil Bunker booking system. The free beds are displayed by selecting “Multiple Occupancy” as an option.

The price includes a small breakfast and the BernTicket for free travel on the public transport network of the city of Bern.

Further options


Hostel 77, Bern Youth Hostel and Burgdorf Youth Hostel Castle can be booked from our hotel page. Beds at Backpackers Hotel Glocke must be booked directly with them.


There are many Airbnbs available in Bern, especially during the summer when locals leave the city. Please be informed that not all Airbnbs offer Bern Tickets.

Header photo courtesy of Bern Welcome, Airbnb photo courtesy of John Tekeridis, Pexels.