One team, one win

QueerSport Bern is organising the floorball tournament at EuroGames Bern 2023. The floorball group has experience when it comes to running tournaments, having already staged QueerGames Bern multiple times.

The tournament will take place at Turnhalle Bitzius, located just a short bus ride from Bern’s city centre. The venue is fairly new, having opened in 2017, and is popular with local floorball clubs.

The tournament will be held as a all gender tournament with one level. A team consists of at least 4 participants. The game is played with 3 field players and a goalkeeper. The field dimensions are approximately 24 x 14 metres.

It is possible to register for the tournament as a team or without one. When registering as a single player, please indicate if you are a field player or a goal keeper. Please keep in mind that the registration fee is due per person.

Match schedule

Time Home Away
8:30 Team Scotland Queersport Bern
8:45 BonVIIVants II Raballder Oslo
09:00 Lotosove kvety Flames Heroes and Friends
09:15 Pan Floorball BonVIIVants I
09:30 Raballder Oslo Team Scotland
09:45 Queersport Bern BonVIIVants II
10:00 Lotosove kvety BonVIIVants I
10:15 Flames Heroes and Friends Pan Floorball
10:30 Team Scotland BonVIIVants II
10:45 Queersport Bern Raballder Oslo
11:00 Lotosove kvety Pan Floorball
11:15 BonVIIVants I Flames Heroes and Friends
11:30 Team Scotland Lotosove kvety
11:45 BonVIIVants II Flames Heroes and Friends
12:45 Raballder Oslo Pan Floorball
13:00 Queersport Bern BonVIIVants I
13:15 Pan Floorball Team Scotland
13:30 BonVIIVants II Lotosove kvety
13:45 Flames Heroes and Friends Raballder Oslo
14:00 Pan Floorball Queersport Bern
14:15 Team Scotland Flames Heroes and Friends
14:30 BonVIIVants II BonVIIVants I
14:45 Lotosove kvety Queersport Bern
15:00 BonVIIVants I Raballder Oslo
15:15 Queersport Bern Flames Heroes and Friends
15:30 Pan Floorball BonVIIVants II
15:45 Raballder Oslo Lotosove kvety
16:00 Team Scotland BonVIIVants I
16:25 3rd
16:45 1st 2nd

Key facts

Tournament dates
Thursday, July 27, 2023,
08:00 – 17:00

One level

Registration deadline
5 July 2023

Tournament format
Pool phase with knockout stage and finals

Registration for EGLSF members: €80
Registration for non EGLSF members: €100
Floorball sports fee: €10

Tournament Information

Tournament dates

Thursday, July 27


8 Teams

Gender categories

male-identified, female-identified, nonbinary

Registered Teams
All Gender Teams
  • BonVIIVants
  • Flames Heroes and friends
  • Lotosové kvety
  • Pan Floorball
  • QueersportBern Unihockey
  • Raballder Oslo

Registering for EuroGames 2023

Registration is open to everyone above the age of 18 regardless of skill level, sexual orientation, gender identity and nationality. A registration fee is required for all athletes.

What you can expect from participating in EuroGames 2023:

  • You will receive a complimentary functional shirt (please indicate your size when registering) from our sports partners Craft and Ochsner Sport
  • You will take part in a professionally organised tournament
  • You have the chance to win a medal in your sport
  • You will have access to discounts for selected events and parties
  • You can participate in the Opening Ceremony
  • You can participate in the Closing Ceremony Ceremony
  • You will have access to the EuroGames Village in the Old Town of Bern
  • You can experience BernPride on Saturday, July 29, 2023
  • You can attend several side events and cultural programs

Early Bird: 100 days
We offer an early bird special for select groups for the first 100 days of our registration period until November 7, 2022. Please avail of the following discount codes:

  • XX Euro discount for all participants under 25 years: YOUTHOUTREACH22
  • XX Euro discount for all participants from countries outside of Western Europe and North America: GLOBALOUTREACH22

All registered participants will receive our official athlete’s shirt.

Your location for Floorball

Turnhalle Bitzius
Bitziusstrasse 15
3006 Bern

Food & Beverage
We are currently working on a catering concept for the tournament days. We will provide more information in June 2023.

Good to know
The sports hall Bitzius is a modern sports complex with a double gym.  It’s the home base of Bern’s  BTV Berns floorball team and is a popular venue for floorball tournaments.

How to get there

Take bus line 10 «Ostermundigen Rüti» to the «Galgenfeld» stop. Travel time from Bern main station is approximately 9 minutes. The sports hall is a few minutes walk from the bus stop.

If staying at a hotel or registered Airbnb, you will receive a Bern Ticket for free access to public transport to all sports locations.

Your tournament organisation

Your tournament organisation

Markus Rudaz and David Hofstetter from QueerSport Bern are your tournament directors. They have organised tournaments in the past for QueerGames Bern.



Email us at info@eurogames2023.ch. We will do our best to reply in a timely manner. We work Tuesdays to Fridays. ​