Federal Square

Photo: Anthony Delanoix, Unsplash

29 July 2023 – Closing Ceremony/Pride Fest

Don’t miss these great artists performing on stage at the EuroGames Closing Ceremony and Pride Festival on Federal Square (Bundesplatz) on Saturday, 29 July.

Naomi Lareine

20:30 – 21:45

Naomi Lareine is known for her bittersweet, smooth tones that go wonderfully with her broad, R&B-heavy songs. And that’s exactly what we’ll be hearing on our Pride Festival stage on Saturday. 

Individualism and tolerance are very important to her and are always packaged musically. With her unmistakable rhythm, we can look forward to a tantalising dose of modern R&B music full of turbulent stories.

Check out Naomi Lareine on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube.


19:15 – 20:00

«Ke Bock» (meaning «Not in the mood») is the title of one of his most popular hits, and it’s difficult to imagine the Swiss music scene without Nemo. But what Nemo is truly excited about is our Pride Festival on July 29th!

In 2017, he won the Energy Music Award, and in 2018, he took home an impressive four Swiss Music Awards. Nemo has been singing in English for some time now, and last year he captivated the masses with his first English EP, «Whatever feels right».

Check out Nemo on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube.

Photo Credit: Ella Mettler


17:30 – 18:15

Msoke, the talented musician hailing from Berlin with Tanzanian heritage, has earned recognition as an advocate for personal fulfilment. On the 29th of July, he will grace Bern with reggae and dancehall, transforming Bundesplatz (Federal Square) into a vibrant soundscape.

Born as a woman, Msoke fearlessly embraces his authentic self as a man, navigating a music scene plagued by homophobic and transphobic prejudices. Identity formation, humanity, rebirth and growing out of oneself are the themes of his songs, interpreted musically, sometimes acoustically, and sometimes funky.

Check out Msoke on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube.

Drag Show, 18:45


Catch Paprika, the dazzling drag queen from Zurich! This sensational performer, who triumphed as the victor of the esteemed Heaven Drag Race in 2018, has established herself as a force to be reckoned with.

Paprika delivers fiery acts that spice up your emotions. With her mesmerizing acts, she captivates audiences, evoking both laughter and profound emotions. One thing that she never lacks? The necessary spice!

Check out Paprika on Instagram. (Photo credit: Ronnie Zysset)

Ray Belle

Ray Belle’s secret recipe for a fierce drag show: Take a pinch of queer feminism, a dash of fat liberation, a touch of rage against patriarchy and capitalism, a pinch of glitter, cover it all with a 5cm layer of makeup and garnish it with way too much fake hair et voilà – revolution!

Do you want to see what this looks like on stage? Then come to BernPride on July 29 and let yourself be enchanted by this charming little political doll!

Check out Ray Belle on Instagram.


Ares, unofficially the youngest drag queen in Switzerland, is coming to Bern!

She has been the reigning Miss Drag Roy-Lälle-Ty since November 2022 and draws everyones attention with her smile and life-weary tricks.

Don’t miss her – 29 July 2023 on the Bundesplatz!

Check out Ares on Instagram.


Madame Léa, DJ Gönnungshof

16:00 – 17:00

Léa Spirig aka Madame Léa first started DJing in 1998 when she saw that it was always men who set the tone and also because she simply didn’t like the music. She thought, «I can do that too. And I can do it better». She has a wide range of music stored on her laptop, from the 1920s to the electronic hits of tomorrow.

DJ Gönnungshof plays everything from glittery pop to hip-hop to lesbian anthems. 

It’s going to be hot on Bundesplatz (Federal Square)!

Taylor Cruz

22:00 – 23:00

As a drummer, Taylor Cruz loves and lives the beat above everything else. Rhythm is an important part of her own produced tracks, as well as in her countless remixes. 

She is co-founder and DJ of the popular party label «QueerPlanet» in Basel. 

However she won’t be in Basel on 29 July, but with us on Bundesplatz (Federal Square)!