Sport Mental Training

Tap your potential

Everyone who is doing sports and participates in competitions can relate. Feeling the high pressure and strain, being nervous, having self-doubts or being not able to keep a high focus. Both, before and during the competition.

During the mental training we will identify your self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, resolve them in order to regulate or eliminate the negative emotions resulting out of your thoughts and your perceptions. Additionally, you will learn to understand yourself better and learn how to regulate yourself in difficult situations in order to fully utilize your potential and performance.

As part of EuroGames 2023 we offer you exclusive, individual mental training as well as mental training in groups. This offer can be used in preparation for EuroGames or during EuroGames.

Patrick can support you with the following topics:

• Setting and achieving your goals
• Mental preparation for competitions
• Stress reduction and relaxation techniques
• Emotion regulation
• Focus

This offer is limited. For mental training in preparation for EuroGames, please contact Patrick Altendorfer directly. For mental training during the games please register directly on site.

More about Patrick here or on Instagram.

Information in preparation for EuroGames
(Individual- and team coaching)

Date and time
Flexible, on request

Physical: Zürich, Graubünden, St. Gallen, Glarus
Virtual: Flexible


40 CHF discount using code EUROGAMES2023 (for registered participants only)


Information for during EuroGames 
(Individual, team- and group coaching)

Date and time

Individual and team coaching
25.07 – 28.07.2023; Flexible, on request

Group coaching
26 July 2023 Time TBD: Active Braintraining (activation)
27 July 2023 Time TBD: Progressive muscle relaxation (Yoga mat required)
28 July 2023 Time TBD: Active Braintraining (activation)
28 July 2023 Time TBD: Mental Journey (Yoga mat required)

will be published soon

free (for registered participants only)

How to get there


If staying at a hotel or registered Airbnb, you will receive a Bern Ticket for free access to public transport to all sports locations.



Patrick Altendorfer offers mental training in different areas for interested athletes.



Email us at We will do our best to reply in a timely manner. We work Tuesdays to Fridays.

Photos: Patrick Altendorfer