Outreach Programme

Tasks and goals

The Outreach Programme aims to ensure that as many athletes as possible wishing to participate at EuroGames 2023 in Bern are able to do so. Some have financial difficulties, some experience discrimination or fear, some have difficulties to apply for a visa. The Outreach Programme strives to reduce such barriers in order to make a trip to Bern possible. This not only strengthens the goal of inclusion at EuroGames 2023, also it enables athletes from all over Europe to experience a safe environment to participate in sport, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, cultural or religious background. The Outreach Programme is mainly aimed at people living in European countries where the LGBTIQ community is oppressed and therefore participation in EuroGames 2023 is not easily possible.


Support can be provided in various areas, such as reduced or free accommodation (hosted housing), a reduction of participation fees, discounts on food costs or better travel conditions. Administrative assistance can be offered as well, e.g. for obtaining a visa or for translations.

The Outreach Programme is limited to on-site support in Bern as well as travel to and from the event, including all related formalities. Normally, no amounts of money are transferred directly.

The application procedure for the EuroGames 2023 allowed to submit a justified request for support until end of February 2023.

The arguments must be clearly presented and substantiated. The application must also explain in which areas support is requested.

As the funds for the Outreach Programme are limited, a selection process based on clear criteria defined below will be used. As realistically not all applicants can be supported, the Rainbow Europe Map 2021 will be used to ensure that as many people as possible who are facing discrimination in their country can benefit.


Applicants must identify as queer and wish to actively participate in at least one sport at EuroGames 2023. They were eligible for support if their life situation corresponds to one of the following four categories:

  1. People living in European countries without (or with limited) LGBTIQ rights, such as countries in Eastern Europe or South-Eastern Europe. The Rainbow Europe Map 2021 will serve as a reference point.
  2. People whose country of origin is as above but who are not currently residing there and who may face financial difficulties or discrimination because of their situation.
  3. People from a European country of origin who cannot afford to participate due to their financial situation.
  4. People outside Europe who live in a country without (or with limited) LGBTIQ rights.

As the EuroGames 2023 are mainly aimed at a European audience, preference will be given to applications from the first three categories. There is no legal claim to participation in the Outreach Programme or to the amount of financial support.


The application deadline for the Outreach Programme was 28 February 2023.

Subsequently, the applications will be reviewed and ranked. All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application by the end of March 2023 at the latest.


If you have any questions about the Outreach Programme, please contact outreach@eurogames2023.ch.
Photo: Alexander Grey, Unsplash