Quidditch Workshop

Be the golden snitch in the world of quaffles

Curious about Quadball, formerly known as Quidditch? As a EuroGames first, we are proud to offer a Quadball workshop and exhibition match together with our partners, the Swiss Quadball Association (SQV) and the International Quadball Association (IQA).

Quadball is a competitive sport growing rapidly around the world, played by all ages from school-age children to adults. It is known as an especially gender-inclusive and queer-friendly sport.

Originally based on the fictional sport in the Harry Potter series, Quadball was adapted to a physical and tactical sport while maintaining the spirit of the source material by fans in 2005. It has since grown into a worldwide phenomenon and is one of the few mixed-gender full contact sports. Quadball is played in over 30 countries and governed by the International Quadball Association (IQA).

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity of learning the basics of this sport. Everybody is welcome, regardless of skill level and personal fitness.

Workshop schedule
09:00 Exhibition match – watch experienced Quadball players in action!
09:30 Workshop – learn the basics of Quadball
10:30 Trial match – let’s play Quadball!

Key facts

Activity date
Saturday, July 29, 2023
09:00 – 12:00


Sports wear, water, sports footwear

Registration mandatory until 25 July 2023


Workshop Information

Workshop date

Saturday, July 29

Max. participants

20 participants


We play according to the IQA rules.

Gender categories

male-identified, female-identified, nonbinary

Registered Teams
All Gender Teams
  • Berner Boggarts
  • International Merge Team

Registering for EuroGames 2023

Registration is open to everyone above the age of 18 regardless of skill level, sexual orientation, gender identity and nationality. A registration fee is required for all athletes.

What you can expect from participating in EuroGames 2023:

  • You will receive a complimentary functional shirt (please indicate your size when registering) from our sports partners Craft and Ochsner Sport
  • You will take part in a professionally organised tournament
  • You have the chance to win a medal in your sport
  • You will have access to discounts for selected events and parties
  • You can participate in the Opening Ceremony
  • You can participate in the Closing Ceremony Ceremony
  • You will have access to the EuroGames Village in the Old Town of Bern
  • You can experience BernPride on Saturday, July 29, 2023
  • You can attend several side events and cultural programs

All registered participants will receive our official athlete’s shirt.

Your location for Quadball

Sports Hub Wankdorf
Papiermühlestrasse 91
3014 Bern

Good to know
Lockers are available inside the sports hall to store your valuables. There are small lockers in the hallway which require a two franc coin deposit. Bigger lockers are available in the changing rooms. Please bring a padlock to make use of the bigger lockers. Do not leave your valuables overnight.

How to get there

Option 1: Take tram line 9 «Wankdorf Bahnhof» to the «Wankdorfplatz» stop. Travel time from Bern main station is approximately 13 minutes.

Option 2: Take bus line 20 «Wankdorf Bahnhof» to the «Wyler» stop. Travel time from Bern main station is approximately 9 minutes.

If staying at a hotel or registered Airbnb, you will receive a Bern Ticket for free access to public transport to all sports locations.

Your tournament organisation

Your tournament organisation

The Swiss Quadball Association (SQV) is organising the quadball workshop for EuroGames Bern 2023.



Email us at info@eurogames2023.ch. We will do our best to reply in a timely manner. We work Tuesdays to Fridays. ​